Hit the Reset Button as It Renews Your Skin, Lifts and Reshapes Your Face with Renuvion Facelift Powered by J-Plasma!

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Renuvion Facelift Before and After

Renuvion Facelift is able to achieve what a surgical facelift is unable to do because in addition to tightening and lifting your skin, it resurfaces the skin to dramatically improve wrinkles, imprinted lines, and pigment irregularities. No laser resurfacing treatment or surgical procedure can compare with the results obtained by Renuvion Facelift. This office-based procedure involves no cutting or sutures and is performed with oral sedation and local tumescent anesthesia.

Renuvion Facelift Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Renuvion Facelift work?

Plasma is an energy state created by adding energy to a gas. In this case, Renuvion Facelift combines cold helium gas with RF energy. There is an extreme level of precision using the wand to “paint” the targeted treatment areas with the plasma energy.

Renuvion Facelift Before and After

What should I do before the procedure?

During your consultation, if you are an appropriate candidate for the Renuvion Facelift procedure, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide of do’s and don’ts before the procedure.

Renuvion Facelift Before and After

Are there side effects and what can I expect following the procedure?

Although the procedure is relatively pain-free, healing and downtime can last for 2-3 weeks. Most patients can wear light cover-up makeup after 2 weeks. You will want to give yourself 10 solid days of home recovery to protect your skin. During the first weeks, post-procedure patients can experience redness, minor swelling, itching, and skin peeling. Most patients describe a painless recovery. The Lifestyle Center staff will check on you daily after your treatment to ensure everything is healing properly and any discomfort is well-controlled.

Renuvion Facelift Before and After

When are final results visible?

It can take 3-6 months for the skin to fully remodel itself, but dramatic improvements are seen in the first few weeks following your procedure.

Renuvion Facelift Before and After

Am I a good candidate for the Renuvion Facelift procedure?

Ideal candidates are seeking to address problematic areas such as:

·      Skin with pigment irregularities
·      Melasma
·      Acne Scars
·      Sun Spots
·      Wrinkles or Imprinted Lines
·      Age Spots

We realize this procedure is not for everyone. Achieving incredible results requires deep treatment of the facial skin. During your consultation, we will have an open, honest discussion to determine whether this procedure is appropriate for you.

Is Renuvion Facelift an affordable procedure for me?

The cost of the Renuvion Facelift procedure is dramatically less than the cost of a surgical facelift. In addition, as you can see from the dramatic before and after photos, it offers so much more. Dr. Moore is the first physician in the state of Missouri to offer this incredible procedure. Since this is considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance will not cover the cost. We accept many forms of payment and offer financing options as well.