St. Louis' Most Affordable Laser Hair Removal

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in St.  Louis

Why commit to large expensive laser hair removal packages in St. Louis?  At The Lifestyle Center, we want to make laser hair removal affordable to those that want to be hair free.  The cost of laser hair removal should not break the bank.  By selecting a laser hair removal center like The Lifestyle Center, where we offer affordable 6 treatment packages, you are protecting yourself from locking into an expensive package with a company that may go out of business. The St Louis Better Business Bureau has recommended that individuals considering the purchase of laser hair removal treatments avoid purchasing expensive packages. Over the years, several laser hair removal providers have gone out of business with little or no notice including the largest provider of laser hair removal.

Below is a breakdown of our current pricing.  The Lifestyle Center offers small packages to increase your saving on the cost of laser hair removal.  We also offer pay-as-you pricing.  We are able to treat just about any area with laser hair removal, so if you do not see an area or price below, please call The Lifestyle Center to get more information or schedule your free consultation to see if the cost of laser hair removal at The Lifestyle Center fits your budget.

Women Per Treatment     
Lip $70
Chin $70
Underarms $105
Bikini $105
Brazilian $175
1/2 Leg $175
Shoulders               $125
Neck $125
Abdomen $200
1/2 Back $200

Package Discounts Available