ThermiDry in St. Louis

ThermiDry is performed using the ThermiRF medical device in the comfort of our office in as little as one hour with little to no downtime! This new procedure has been proven to have longer lasting results than traditional methods to treat hyperhidrosis. In the past, Botox or Dysport was used to treat this condition with shorter result times. ThermiDry lasts a total of one to three years and in some cases has been proven to continue providing quality and lasting results longer. Richard Moore, M.D., performs all ThermiDry procedures by using local anesthesia at The Lifestyle Center. 

Richard Moore, M.D., currently serves as a member on the Clinical Advisory Council for ThermiAesthetics and is happy to answer any questions regarding this procedure. For more information on how ThermiDry can help you live a worry-free and embarrassment-free lifestyle, call today! Contact The Lifestyle Center today at (314) 863-5556 or visit Click Here to talk to our skin care experts about how you can live the life you've always wanted.