Vampire Facial

Why should I get a Vampire Facial?

You can get the skin you want without severe side effects at The Lifestyle Center! Experience the many benefits of the SkinPen including stimulation to improve texture, the reduction of wrinkles and scarring, improvement of sun damage and uneven skin tones, skin tightening, and shrinking pore size. The Vampire Facial provides lasting effects that you will notice within a couple weeks and provides long-lasting benefits!

What to Expect:

We will start by collecting a small sample of blood through a very simple blood draw. The blood is then processed into PRP by spinning it down and isolating the plasma, which is rich in platelets. We use the platelets because they contain growth factors that help promote healing in injured tissue. This process takes less then 15 minutes, and while you wait we apply a topical numbing cream to your face to make you comfortable during the procedure. Next, the PRP is applied to your skin as a SkinPen procedure is performed. Finally, a component of the blood that was spun down (PPP) is applied to your skin, sealing the skin.

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