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This Is What the Sun Does to Your Face (and Here’s What You Can Do About It)

There’s no doubt about it – the sun’s rays feel absolutely amazing, especially in the summer! While we may want to go outside, work on our tans, and soak up as much sun as possible before summer ends, too much sun exposure can do a real number on our skin. In fact, too much exposure to the sun’s rays can give you the very real risk of developing wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, and, in some cases, skin cancer. You may think that skin changes are a normal part of aging, but it doesn’t have to be. Sun exposure causes most of our skin’s changes by damaging our skin’s fibers. When these fibers break down, your skin will begin to sag, stretch, and lose its elasticity. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions, benign tumors, freckles, fine and coarse wrinkles, a discoloration of your skin, and more. These changes may not be terribly prevalent when you’re young, bu

Enjoy Summer the More Natural Way with The Lifestyle Center!

Wearing makeup can certainly make you feel good, but it can be a bit of a bear in the summer. The hot summer sun can leave your makeup looking less than fabulous, meaning that you might need to spend more time reapplying it to your face. What if we told you that there’s a way you can look even better this summer, all without makeup? Well, there is! This summer, you can enjoy having a more natural look with the help of The Lifestyle Center! Instead of constantly applying makeup to hide your flaws, give our FotoFacial or our Vampire Facials a try! Sometimes the sun can really do a number on our skin. In time, sun exposure and pollutants, along with the aging process, can give our skin and aged look, which can reduce our self-confidence and feed the need to slather on makeup. Our FotoFacial can easily help with this by helping you achieve smoother, firmer, and more evenly-toned skin! This non-invasive procedure uses bursts of high-intensity light energy to reduc

The Top Treatments for Reducing Wrinkles and Eliminating Lines on the Face

May 30, 2014 — by Richard Moore, M.D. | Comments (0)
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Facial plastic surgery isn't the only way to bring out the best in your overall appearance. There are many other skin care options to consider. Read on to learn more about these non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatments.