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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose ThermiVa

Apr 5, 2018 — by Richard Moore, M.D. | Comments (0)
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Ladies, if you re feeling frustrated or self-conscious about your body, especially regarding your vaginal anatomy, you re not alone. Aging, childbirth, and genetics can take a toll on a woman s body, leading to urinary stress incontinence, sexual discomfort, and more. That s why there s ThermiVa, a non-invasive procedure that rejuvenates and tightens your vaginal tissues. ThermiVa is a revolutionary nonsurgical procedure that restores vaginal tissue and stimulates collagen production painlessly, quickly, and conveniently. We use a special wand to transmit radiofrequency (RF) energy to the external labial folds and internal walls of the vagina. Controlled and comfortable heat helps tone, restore, and rebuild tissues within the vaginal walls, all without anesthesia or sedatives! This incredible procedure has improved countless women s lives in the St. Louis region, thanks to Richard Moore, M.D. at The Lifestyle Center. Here are 5 amazing benefits that women experience when they cho

Get Your Life Back Today With ThermiVa!

Jun 13, 2016 — by Richard Moore, M.D. | Comments (0)
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Have you been experiencing urinary incontinence, pain during intimacy, or vaginal dryness? If so, you are not alone. Urinary incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide; in fact, one in four women over the age of 18 experience episodes of leaking urine involuntarily. Countless women also experience a decline in sexual pleasure, which can lead to frustration and a loss of confidence. If this has happened to you and you’re not sure where to go for help, Dr. Richard Moore and his experienced team at The Lifestyle Center can help turn your life around and give you the reins to your own life! By using a new, revolutionary, noninvasive treatment called ThermiVa, we can help you get your confidence and satisfaction back! Interested in ThermiVa? Check out our video here! Be sure to call us at (314) 863-5556 for your free consultation. The Lifestyle Center is the only one in the St. Louis area to offer this revolutionary procedure!

Bid Farewell to Urinary Incontinence With ThermiVa!

Urinary incontinence is a common issue among women, but sadly, it is not talked about enough in our society. From leaking urine during exercise, sneezing, or laughing to sudden, frequent urges to urinate (which often result in wet pants), urinary incontinence is a problem that happens to many people, especially women of all ages. Approximately 13 million people live with urinary incontinence and plan their days around bathroom visits, wear adult diapers, or give up activities that they once enjoyed. Urinary incontinence not only causes quite a bit of unhappiness and physical distress, but also social isolation and a lack of confidence and control. Now there is an easy, nonsurgical way to treat urinary incontinence that does not involve a prolapsed bladder – ThermiVa. This new, state-of-the-art treatment is an office-based procedure that works to tighten external and internal vulvovaginal tissue via controlled heat delivery. Women will experience a greater degree of bladder

Calling All Women! Get Your Confidence Back With ThermiVa

Feb 1, 2016 — by Richard Moore, M.D. | Comments (0)
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Countless women go through transformations in their bodies that they cannot control. From pregnancy and childbirth to disorders and the effects of aging and everything in between, these changes can lead to a host of issues for women, including urinary incontinence, a decline in sexual pleasure, and a loss of confidence. If this has happened to you and you’re frustrated or don’t know where to turn for help, we have great news for you. Dr. Richard Moore and his skilled team at The Lifestyle Center are now providing ThermiVa, a new revolutionary procedure that can give you your confidence and satisfaction back! Previously, if patients wanted to receive treatment and obtain vaginal reconstruction and rejuvenation, the only way to do that was through major surgeries, which include long periods of recovery and come with a hefty price tag. Now patients can achieve all of this more quickly without pain and a big blow to the wallet through ThermiVa! This office-

Restore and Regain Your Confidence With ThermiVa!

Richard Moore, M.D. and his team of skin care specialists at The Lifestyle Center located in Ladue are proud to introduce ThermiVa, a new revolutionary procedure that assists women regain and restore their confidence! With the help of this new, state-of-the-art treatment, women all across the state of Missouri can experience more confidence and satisfaction. The Lifestyle Center has been St. Louis’ number one skincare destination throughout the years. Keeping with traditions, The Lifestyle Center is the only St. Louis location to offer this new life-changing service. With no control over the effects of pregnancy and aging, many women experience transformations to their bodies that can lead to a loss of confidence, aesthetic changes, decrease in sexual pleasure, and urinary incontinence. With the help of ThermiVa and The Lifestyle Center, women can regain a sense of security, pleasure, and confidence once again. Richard Moore, M.D., is a pioneer in the field of non-invasive