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Calling All Women! Get Your Confidence Back With ThermiVa

Feb 1, 2016 — by Richard Moore, M.D. | Comments (0)
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Countless women go through transformations in their bodies that they cannot control. From pregnancy and childbirth to disorders and the effects of aging and everything in between, these changes can lead to a host of issues for women, including urinary incontinence, a decline in sexual pleasure, and a loss of confidence. If this has happened to you and you’re frustrated or don’t know where to turn for help, we have great news for you. Dr. Richard Moore and his skilled team at The Lifestyle Center are now providing ThermiVa, a new revolutionary procedure that can give you your confidence and satisfaction back! Previously, if patients wanted to receive treatment and obtain vaginal reconstruction and rejuvenation, the only way to do that was through major surgeries, which include long periods of recovery and come with a hefty price tag. Now patients can achieve all of this more quickly without pain and a big blow to the wallet through ThermiVa! This office-

Lose Those Pesky Inches With Vanquish™!

The beginning of a new year is often when people make resolutions to lose weight and be healthier. But what happens when you can’t lose those pesky fat pockets that have been unresponsive to diet and exercise? The Lifestyle Center has the solution - Vanquish ME™.   Vanquish is a non-invasive, comfortable, and permanent solution that uses a high-frequency energy field to destroy fat cells without touching your skin. This treatment is ideal for those who have 1 to 2 inches of stubborn fat. Areas that can be treated included the abdomen, lower back and flanks, the upper back, and inner and outer thighs.   As the industry’s largest spot size treatment, Vanquish can be performed in half the time of a CoolSculpting procedure, allowing you to come in during your lunch hour! Unlike CoolSculpting, Vanquish utilizes radio frequency technology to heat and reduce fat instead of cryolipolysis (freezing), leading to quicker and more uniform r

Double Chin Got You Down? Destroy It Once and For All With Kybella!

Jan 12, 2016 — by Richard Moore, M.D. | Comments (0)
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Are you unsatisfied with your facial appearance? Wish you could get rid of that double chin? You’re not alone! According to a 2014 survey conducted by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), this very issue bothers 68% of the population. That’s the biggest complaint behind having wrinkles and lines around the eyes (71%)! We have great news for you! Here at The Lifestyle Center, you can eliminate that double chin with Kybella. It’s the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that contours and vastly improves the appearance of submental fullness, a.k.a. the double chin. Kybella is a safe, simple, and effective procedure that is injected into the subcutaneous fat under your chin. This procedure uses deoxycholic acid, a molecule that naturally occurs in the body. This molecule assists in breaking down and absorbing the dietary fat, destroying fat cells. Once these fat cells are decimated, they cannot store or accumulate fat! Kybella o

Rejuvenate Your Skin and Say Good-Bye to Acne at The Lifestyle Center!

You probably remember developing pimples or a little bit of acne on your face in your younger years. Most people do. While this condition typically affects teens and young adults, men and women can live with acne well into their 30s and 40s. Left untreated, acne can result in chronic breakouts, clogged pores, and even the formation of acne scars. Our team here at The Lifestyle Center, under the direction of Dr. Richard Moore, is committed to helping all of our patients who suffer from acne enjoy clearer, healthier skin, boosting their confidence and making them feel more beautiful than ever before! We offer comprehensive skin care and a large variety of acne treatments, which are customized for your skin condition. Here are the products that we offer to help treat acne! Facial and Micro Peels – Acne occurs when the oil glands, which are designed to protect the skin and keep it from drying out, become over-productive and produce too much oil. Combined with

The Many Uses Of PRP

What exactly is PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and it is one of The Lifestyle Center’s favorite beautifying and wrinkle-fighting tools. In fact, the uses for PRP are vast; not only can patients achieve a more youthful and natural look, but PRP can also heal sports injuries, arthritis, bone grating, and much more. Why is platelet-rich plasma therapy so effective? PRP is packed with healing and growth factors; platelets initiate repair and attract the assistance of cells to boost the healing process. When conducting this specific type of therapy, risk of a transmissible infection is non-existent as well! PRP is our favorite wrinkle-fighting tool that provides long lasting effects for our patients to admire for years to come. When combined with a Vampire Facelift procedure at The Lifestyle Center, most patients will begin to notice an improvement in the texture, coloration, and volume of their skin right away. Almost anyone in good health is an ideal candidate

Fake Lift Versus Liquid FaceLift

You may have heard the term “Liquid FaceLift” or “Fake Lift” here and there and you are probably asking yourself, “What exactly is the difference?” These procedures are actually very similar. The skincare experts at The Lifestyle Center are here to help you determine how to best tailor this procedure to meet your needs! The Liquid FaceLift is a procedure that restores volume and contours to the face as a result of the overall aging process. Wrinkle correction-using neuromodulators like Dysport and Botox are also common during this procedure. The Liquid FaceLift is an extremely versatile procedure that can be combined with other skin treatments to help achieve maximum results. Richard Moore, M.D., owner of The Lifestyle Center, has been performing Liquid FaceLifts for over seven years! Using his expertise, Dr. Moore combines this popular treatment with laser treatments, skin-tightening treatments, SkinPen, and much more.

Don’t Sweat It! ThermiDry Helps Stop Hyperhidrosis In Its Tracks

Have you always experienced increased or excessive sweating, especially underneath your arms? Have you had to deal with the discomfort and embarrassment that comes with excessive sweating and are looking for a solution? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We have the perfect solution for hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as severe sweating of the underarms, affects roughly 7.8 million people here in the United States. In the past, those who suffered from this condition would be treated with Botox or Dysport. While these solutions are still effective, there is another treatment that gets the job done in less time and lasts longer – ThermiDry! Richard Moore, M.D., who is a member of the Clinical Advisory Council for ThermiAesthetics, performs this procedure in the comfort of our office in about one hour. ThermiDry is nothing to sweat about, and you will have little to no downtime. Once you’re done with your treatment, you can expect to see fantastic results that can

Want More Rejuvenated Skin? Look No Further Than the Vampire Facial!

Are you dying to get that younger, rejuvenated look back in your face? Do you want to make a change to your currently ghastly looks? Making it happen doesn’t have to be a long, scary process, especially when you choose the Vampire Facial here at The Lifestyle Center! The Vampire Facial is an effective, convenient, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique that has helped countless women look as young as they feel. You might remember hearing about it in the news recently when Kim Kardashian underwent this treatment on her face this year. Using the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to increase blood flow and activate the growth of new, healthy skin cells, this quick treatment will result in glowing, youthful skin that shaves off years from your face. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Here’s how it works: We will begin by collecting a small sample of your blood through a very simple, painless blood draw. The blood is t

Shave 5-10 Years off Your Hands' Appearance with Radiesse!

Oct 16, 2015 — by Melisa Highley | Comments (0)

Your hands are always exposed to the elements. From the time you are born, your hands are rarely covered, and they are constantly in use. Because of this consistent exposure and overworking, your hands can age faster than the rest of you.   Oftentimes, the skin has obtained age spots from years of sun damage, and veins become more visible due to the loss of soft tissue volume. This damage can leave the skin appearing discolored, loose, and wrinkly.   With Radiesse, you can immediately change that. These small injections yield more youthful looking hands by filling in the spaces in which the volume has gone down. After just a few weeks, Radiesse also begins to stimulate new collagen production helping this treatment last up to two years!   Dr. Moore is an expert dermal injectable filler and uses Radiesse to restore your hands’ appearance with very little discomfort and recovery time. In addition, he is also the only certified Ra