Natural Breast Augmentation for a Fuller Bustline

Woman with ample cleavage after breast augmentationWould you like to enhance your feminine curves without the use of breast implants? The Lifestyle Center can perform natural breast augmentation for patients in the St. Louis area to help them achieve rounder, fuller breasts. Unwanted fat in certain areas is removed with Tickle Liposuction, and transferred to the breasts. Patients can enjoy an enhanced bust line as well as body contouring to improve their proportions. This approach is less invasive than traditional breast augmentation, and avoids the use of breast implants. 

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Why Fat Transfer?

Many patients are opposed to the idea of foreign objects being placed in their body, and are aware of the problems some women have had with breast implants. Studies have shown that traditional breast implants need to be removed, replaced or revised 44% of the time within 7 years of surgery. This is because of problems with encapsulation, rupture, infection, and other factors. Fat transfer gives the breasts a soft, natural look and feel, with no worries about rigidness, adhesions, or other issues that can come with implants. Breast augmentation with fat transfer allows for a quicker recovery time and natural-looking results. You may go up a cup size with this procedure, but a dramatic increase in size is not the goal. Instead, the shape of your breasts will be enhanced so they appear beautifully round and full, with noticeably increased cleavage to show off in a bathing suit or low-cut dress.

The harvesting of fat through liposuction offers an added benefit - the slimming and contouring of your body. Dr. Moore may remove fat from your abdomen, hips, or thighs, improving your proportions and enhancing the look of your new bust line.

If you already have breast implants and are unhappy with your appearance, fat transfer can help.  Dr. Moore can add fat to your breasts to disguise aesthetic problems and sculpt a more pleasing, natural shape and feel.

The Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

  • All-natural with no foreign objects in the body
  • Quick recovery
  • No large incisions or scars
  • Associated body sculpting with Tickle Lipo
  • No long term issues associated with implants
  • Minimally invasive
  • Over time, your breast size may increase since the transferred fat is where your body stores extra calories

How Does Fat Transfer Work?

The first step in natural breast augmentation is the harvesting of body fat using Tickle Lipo. Tickle Lipo is an innovative liposuction technique that emulsifies fat as it is removed, resulting in less trauma to the fat cells and surrounding tissue. Fat harvested with Tickle Lipo is optimal for use in fat transfer, since it is more likely to survive the process and take hold in the breast, buttocks or face. Dr. Moore can also perform a Brazilian Butt Lift and facial enhancements for you using fat transfer.

For the Tickle Lipo procedure, you will receive a local anesthetic, then small incisions will be made in the area targeted for fat removal -- often the flanks (love handles), abdomen, or thighs. A numbing fluid is inserted and nitrous oxide is also used to help you relax. Once the fat is suctioned out, Dr. Moore puts it through a process of purification and stem-cell enrichment. He adds hypothermosol to the fat cells, providing a nutrient base to increase their chances of thriving in their new environment.

Dr. Moore will then make small incisions in the breasts and carefully deposit the fat in a layered pattern for maximum exposure to blood vessels. Although some of the fat is always reabsorbed by the body, Dr. Moore’s techniques consistently provide optimal results for his patients.

Results and Aftercare

Immediately after the procedure, you will enjoy the look of increased fullness and enhanced cleavage. Within three to seven days, your breasts should feel normal, though full recovery from the liposuction may take a little longer. It takes approximately three months for the final results to become apparent. To aid in eliminating swelling and bruising from Tickle Lipo, Dr. Moore recommends patients take advantage of The Lifestyle Center's lymphatic massage treatments.

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