Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis

When healthy eating and exercise are just not enough in the quest to look and feel your best. The Lifestyle Center has the answer: RFAL™ (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) is a minimally invasive procedure for sculpting the body, face and neck when skin laxity is an issue. This breakthrough remodeling procedure is designed to eliminate stubborn fat while simultaneously re-contouring and firming your body.


Using the patented RFAL™ technology, the BodyTite procedure gently melts and removes excess fat through an inconspicuous incision. In addition, there is a significant degree of skin tightening that is not seen with other minimally invasive devices. In addition, areas treated with the BodyTite procedure will see a smoothing of cellulite when it is present. Areas such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees, and back can be treated with the BodyTite procedure.


Again using the patented RFAL™ technology, the FaceTite procedure can lift and tighten the cheeks, naso-labial folds and jowls to achieve a facelift without going under the knife. It can be combined with fat transfer, dermal fillers or neuromodulators to achieve a more youthful appearance. Immediate results are seen with improvements continuing for an additional 6-12 months.


Perhaps the most popular procedure for the RFAL™ technology, NeckTite is able to achieve a more chiseled or refined jaw line with eliminating the waddle under the chin. Immediate results are impressive and continue to improve over the coming months.


BreastTite is a procedure that uses the RFAL™ technology to tighten and lift the breast tissue in a non-excisional procedure that takes less than an hour. This procedure can be combined with fat transfer to the breast to achieve a perky, fuller breast. Since this procedure is performed without excising skin, the nerve damage incurred in a traditional breast lift procedure is avoided. This procedure can also be combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma) to increase the sensitivity of the breast while providing additional volume expansion.

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