A Vampire Breast Lift® Provides a Non-surgical Bust Line Enhancement

If you want to lift your bust line and increase your cleavage without surgery, we offer a safe, virtually risk-free option. The Vampire Breast Lift® uses platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood to stimulate tissue growth and skin elasticity, resulting in increased breast volume, improved skin texture, and a more youthful look. To find out more about the Vampire Breast Lift®, contact our St. Louis practice today, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Richard Moore.

A Simple, Non-surgical Treatment

A Vampire Breast Lift® procedure starts with a simple blood draw. The blood is processed to isolate the platelets, which contain natural growth factors. This process takes only about ten to fifteen minutes. During this time, your doctor will apply a topical anesthetic cream to the treatment site. Using an ultra-fine needle, Dr. Moore will inject a small amount of filler containing hyaluronic acid (a substance that occurs naturally in the body and contributes to skin elasticity) along the upper breast, cleavage, and in some cases, the nipple. Lastly, the PRP is carefully injected into the targeted areas. The total treatment time takes less than an hour, and patients can return to their normal activities almost immediately.


Vampire Breast Lift® treatment can help virtually any patient who desires a mild increase in upper breast volume, and more supple skin. Patients wanting to noticeably move up in breast size, or who have very large or drooping breasts, may need other procedures, such as breast augmentation, or a traditional breast lift. The Vampire Breast Lift® can complement a breast implant procedure by boosting nipple sensitivity and softening the appearance of skin rippling.

Long-lasting Results

You will probably see the effects of your treatment right away. As the growth factors generate new tissue in the following weeks, patients will notice a steady increase in the volume of their breasts, and an improvement in the texture, coloration, and smoothness of the skin. The most pronounced results will be evident about seven weeks after treatment. These positive effects can be noticeable for up to two years, and patients may choose to come back for a second treatment as soon as three months after the first procedure.

Why a Vampire Breast Lift®?

PRP treatment has been used more than half a million times in different applications without causing significant complications or side-effects. It was initially used to expedite healing after procedures like bone graft surgery and sports-related injuries, but it has been found to provide significant aesthetic rejuvenation as well. The many advantages of a Vampire Breast Lift® include:

  • The use of natural and autologous compounds for a procedure that is virtually without risk of serious complications and side effects
  • Noticeable increase in upper breast volume, cleavage, and the beauty and health of your skin
  • Growth of new tissue, rather than implanting or injecting foreign substances
  • A convenient treatment that is practically free of discomfort or recovery time

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