Save Time and Money By Selecting The Long Lasting Filler

BellaFill St. Louis

Dermal fillers are used to replace lost volume in the face and to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. At The Lifestyle Center in St Louis, MO, we offer Bellafill for the long term correction of volume loss and wrinkles. The biggest issue for most patients is that most dermal fillers only last for approximately one year before they are broken down by the body or their effects on collagen stimulation are greatly reduced. Bellafill is different from all other dermal fillers. This product is made up of microspheres of PMMA which has been safely used in medicine for over 60 years. These microspheres are not absorbed or broken down by the body over time. As a result, they provide the framework to support ongoing collagen production.

Studies have shown that the effects of Bellafill are as dramatic at 5 years as they were 6 months following injection. For the patient, this translates into a long lasting natural appearance at a much lower cost. Most patients will see a savings in their overall expenditure with Bellafill versus alternative dermal fillers within 2 years. Like most dermal fillers, Bellafill is FDA approved for the treatment of the naso-labial folds often called the smile lines. Off label uses include the cheek bones, mid-face, jaw line and marionette lines.

As with any injectible product, there is the risk of bruising and mild swelling. Both of these are temporary and usually resolve within a few days. Bellafill is made up of PMMA microspheres suspended in bovine collagen. Additionally, lidocaine has been added to the product to reduce the discomfort while the product is injected. The bovine collagen is broken down and absorbed by the body in the weeks following your treatment. The PMMA microsheres provide a matrix framework for new collagen formation. Since the PMMA microspheres are not broken down or absorbed by the body, the effects of Bellafill are long lasting. Additionally, treatments with radio-frequency waves and lasers do not damage the microspheres. They may actually enhance the products ability to stimulate collagen over time. At our convenient Ladue, MO location, both Dr Moore and his nurse injector are very experienced in the use of Bellafill. Our goal is always to restore a natural looking appearance. To achieve full correction usually requires two sets of injections. Due to the long lasting nature of this product, we avoid over-correction with a single treatment in many patients.

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