Fat Transfer for Youthful, Fuller Skin

woman posing in bikini - her face and body healthy and young after fat transfer procedureAs we age, a number of factors contribute to changes in our facial appearance. Depleted collagen and the natural effects of gravity contribute to loss of youthful structure and volume, creating sunken areas and deep creases. Many patients combat the aging process with injectable fillers, but Dr. Moore offers another longer lasting option that yields truly remarkable results. Using fat transfer, we are helping patients in the St Louis area achieve natural, anti aging facial enhancement with their own body fat.

There are several areas of the face that can be enhanced with fat transfer and the effects can last for years. Injected fat can plump the lips, the folds from your nose to mouth, and the lines extending from mouth to chin. It can reinforce your jawline, fill in pockets in the chin and below the eyes, and add youthful fullness to the cheeks. Fat placed below the eyebrow can even give a lift to the eyelid.

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How Does a Fat Transfer Work?

Dr. Moore uses fat transfer for a natural butt lift, in addition to anti aging treatment for the face. He uses an advanced liposuction technique called Tickle Lipo to obtain fat from the patient’s body. The Tickle Lipo contours the body while reducing the swelling, discomfort and recovery times of traditional liposuction procedures. With Tickle Lipo and fat transfer, patients can remove unwanted fat from the abdomen, flanks (love handles), or thighs, and transfer it to a location where increased plumpness and volume are welcome.

A full facial fat transfer can yield remarkable results, adding volume and lift that mimics the effects of a facelift. Dr. Moore utilizes a stem-cell procedure to enhance the fat, and the enriched fat cells contain growth factors that provide beneficial effects to the skin. While the transferred fat adds plumpness and volume to the face, it also works to rejuvenate the skin, creating a youthful glow. 

Fat Harvesting and Treatment

The goal in fat transfer is to obtain viable fat that will survive and thrive in its new location. Tickle Lipo is a gentler liposuction process, resulting in less trauma to the fat and surrounding tissue. Tickle Lipo uses heat-free vibration to emulsify the fat, which is optimal for use in fat transfer.

For your liposuction and fat transfer procedure, you can be provided with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. Small 1.5 mm incisions are made for the fat extraction process. The fat is then transferred into your face using a very small cannula. After the procedure, you may have some swelling, bruising, and soreness for a few days. Dr. Moore recommends lymphatic massage at the The Lifestyle Center for all patients undergoing Tickle Lipo, and offers special discounts for fat transfer patients.

Exceptional Results

You will immediately notice the anti aging effects of facial fat transfer, with the full effects becoming evident in two or three months. Over time, the skin will continue to brighten and look increasingly youthful. Some fat will be reabsorbed by the body, but the fat that remains in the transplanted location will last for years, if not permanently.

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