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woman with youthful face after novathreads treatment

Has the skin around your face started sagging due to aging? Have you been wishing to achieve a natural, youthful face but don’t want to have surgery? The Lifestyle Center is now proud to offer NovaThreads, a non-surgical method of restoring a youthful shape and appearance to the face, neck, and body.

What Are NovaThreads?

NovaThreads are non-surgical, absorbable thread that is inserted beneath the skin with a small needle injection. When properly placed, the NovaThreads can be used to lift and restore the collagen matrix to the skin. This thread is a synthetic surgical suture that is composed of polydioxanone, PDO, which is used to perform cardiothoracic surgery like open-heart surgery procedures. Not only is it one of the safest materials to be implanted in your body, but it also is completely absorbable. You won’t ever have to worry about acquiring any scar tissue after your procedure!

How Do NovaThreads Work?

The NovaThreads needle, which is pre-loaded with various types of PDO threads, will be inserted just beneath the surface of the skin. When the needle is gently pulled out, the PDO thread remains under your skin and acts as a scaffolding to give your skin that lift you want. Within 4 to 6 months, your skin will absorb the NovaThread sutures naturally, and your skin will repair itself by creating new collagen.

woman with youthful face after novathreads treatmentMesh or Lift?

NovaMesh – This procedure consists of creating a mesh under your skin, much like a #hashtag. This mesh will serve as the foundation for your skin’s collagen production, and the NovaMesh will tighten your skin from within – naturally! Your results will appear gradually and naturally.

NovaLyft – For a more lifting result, consider the NovaLyft procedure. This technique utilizes NovaThreads that have “barbs,” which provide a grip underneath the skin. These threads are inserted in the same manner, but they are pulled in 1 or 2 directions, which creates an instant skin lift. Your skin will also build new collagen to help secure the lift and give you a youthful face.

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