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Replenish Volume. Refresh You.

Radiesse in St. Louis


Radiesse is one of the favorite dermal filler selections for our clients at The Lifestyle Center. This dermal filler replenishes volume while restoring collagen. It is an excellent dermal filler where larger volume expansion is needed such as the cheeks, smile lines and mid-face, as well as along the jaw line. This volumizing filler is especially good at lifting the face that has begun to sink downward.

Radiesse produces immediate results with natural long lasting collagen production. This volumizing filler provides the immediate lift needed to diminish skin folds and wrinkles. The calcium based microspheres in the product serve as a scaffolding for the stimulation of new collagen. Over the coming weeks, the gel that the microspheres are suspended in is absorbed by your body to be replaced by your own collagen production.

Due to its ability to stimulate collagen production, Radiesse is a longer lasting filler than most dermal fillers with results lasting a year or more in most patients. At The Lifestyle Center in Ladue, MO, we recommend a booster set of injections after 2 to 4 months to further stimulate collagen production and to produce a result that will last up to two years in most patients.

At The Lifestyle Center, located conveniently just west of downtown St Louis, Dr. Moore is very experienced in the use of Radiesse. We strive for a natural look that lifts the face without over-correcting. Unlike the stars in Hollywood that are often over-injected, patients in St Louis are looking for the natural correction that we provide at The Lifestyle Center.

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