ThermiVa, sexual wellness

With this incredible procedure, ThermiVa can help women live the lifestyle that they truly wish to enjoy. With no downtime at all, this procedure puts you back in charge of your body and lifestyle. Richard Moore, M.D, Medical Director and Owner of The Lifestyle Center, is one of the physicians on the Clinical Advisory Council for ThermiAesthetics, the maker of ThermiVa.

"We are excited to offer this new service to women in the St. Louis community,” said Dr. Moore. “ThermiVa is an office-based procedure with no downtime that tightens external and internal vulvovaginal tissue via controlled heat delivery. Beyond cosmetic results, women may experience an increase in sensation, a return of normal vaginal secretions, and a greater degree of bladder control without surgery."

ThermiVa helps women reclaim their younger, pre-child bearing bodies through the use of radio-frequency energy which generates new collagen with gentle heat. A pleasant finding is that in addition to tightening of the vulvo-vaginal tissue, women often experience an increase in sensation, vaginal secretions, sexual pleasure, and improvement in urinary incontinence.